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The First Ever Live.Like.Louise Event - Huge Success !

On a sunny Saturday in September, 100 health and wellness enthusiasts were up bright and early to attend the first ever Live.Like.Louise event at the re:centre in Hammersmith, London.

Live.Like.Louise is an online fitness and wellbeing community curated by former Made in Chelsea stars, Louise Thompson and her fiance Ryan Libbey where they share their personal fitness journies, provide practical workouts, lifestyle and nutrition advice and more, all designed to help empower and motivate its members with their fitness journies.

The Live.Like.Louise event on the 14th September 2019, was the brands first event designed as an interactive and exclusive experience for its members.

The day kicked off with Louise standing at the entrance welcoming and thanking each and every attendee as they arrived. This was so endearing to capture as photographers as its not often celebrities are shown to be so down to earth. And this only continued throughout the day as we saw Louise and Ryan getting involved in every aspect including breaking a sweat during the fitness classes and Louise sitting on a bean bag with a small group being candid and honest about her experiences.

The day also included motivational seminars with Dr Paul Rimmer and Faisal (Mr PMA) , a fitness class run by Ryan, a yoga session with Kelly Brooks Yoga and an interactive Q&A session with Louise and Ryan. There were also numerous brands in attendance to support the event, the included; USN Fitness UK, Orange Theory Fitness London, Skin in motion, Pocket Sport, Tea Huggers, Originails and Witsend Osteopathy.

The event was a huge success and it was truly a pleasure for AOS Media to be part such an awesome day.

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